The Colony Lady Cougars Softball

Calendar Info

               The calendar on our website syncs with Google Calendar.   If you are already using Google Calendar,  you can add the TCHS calendar to your own very easily.  In Google Calendar, on the left hand side, copy and paste (or just type)  into the box labeled "Add a Friend’s Calendar".  That's it.  You can toggle the calendar on and off by checking/unchecking it. 


You can also import the calendar into Outlook.  It is a little trickier so ask you IT person for assistance if you are not comfortable.  There are different instructions depending on your version so I will post some instructions on the website very soon.  I use Outlook 2010 and the link below worked for me.  It will either open or save the ICS  (Outlook Calendar) file, depending on your browser.   Double click the file and select Outlook to open.  You can toggle this calendar on/off as well by unchecking it.